Frequently Asked Questions

How do you open an account in the FPA Funds?

You can purchase shares by contacting any broker-dealer or registered investment adviser authorized to sell the Fund's shares. You can use the account information form for initial purchases or place an order with your dealer.

Where can I get an FPA Fund application?

You may download an application off this website. Please go to Fund Literature and under your fund of interest please select the Application and Forms button. You may also call our office (800-982-4372 or 310-473-0225) and have an application mailed to you, or you can request one be e-mailed to you at Please indicate what kind of account application you require (i.e. Joint Tenant, Individual Retirement Account (IRA), 403(b), etc.).

Why can't I purchase shares directly from FPA? What broker-dealers sell the FPA Funds?

FPA Fund Distributors, Inc. is not registered to act in a retail capacity, therefore our load funds, FPA Capital Fund, Inc., FPA New Income, Inc. FPA Paramount Fund, Inc. and FPA Perennial Fund, Inc. must be purchased through a broker-dealer or registered investment adviser authorized to sell the Fund's shares. FPA Crescent Fund, a no-load fund, may be purchased directly through FPA Fund Distributors, Inc.

There are nearly 400 investment dealers authorized to sell the FPA Funds. These include full-service dealers, discount dealers and registered investment advisers. If you have questions you may contact us at 800-982-4372.

Can I view my account on-line? How do I get information on my account?

You can access your mutual fund account online by going to our website, and clicking on view My Account on the Home Page. You may also obtain automated account information 24 hours a day via our shareholder services desk. The phone number is 800-638-3060.

If you are a registered rep, you can view your clients' accounts on-line via and request access to your FPA Fund accounts. If you already have a DST ID#, the FPA Funds can be added to your ID#. If you do not have an ID#, you will be assigned one.

What is the load structure for the FPA Funds? What class shares do you offer?

FPA Capital Fund, Inc., FPA New Income, Inc. FPA Paramount Fund, Inc. and FPA Perennial Fund, Inc. are all load funds offered with A-shares only. FPA Crescent Fund is a no-load fund offered at net asset value.

What are the initial and subsequent investment minimums?

The minimum initial investment is $1,500, and each subsequent investment must be at least $100.

Are minimums waived for IRA's and/or automatic investment plans?

You can establish an IRA and/or other retirement plan with a $100 minimum initial investment and an expressed intention to increase the investment to $1,500 within 12 months.

Accounts may also be established with a $100 minimum initial investment and the establishment of automatic monthly investments of at least $100 withdrawn from your bank account monthly as specified through the Automated Clearing House. The "Pre-Authorized Investment Plan" can be established by completing a FPA Fund Information Form (application).

What are your break points?

There are break points for the load funds at $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000. For a complete discussion of sales charges and break points, please refer to the individual Fund prospectus.

Do you offer Rights of Accumulation (ROA)?

You, your spouse and the following related people (and their spouses) may reduce your sales charge by combining investments of all presently held shares of the FPA Funds: grandparents, parents, siblings, children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews; or by the individual, his or her spouse and a trustee or other fiduciary purchasing securities for related trusts, estates or fiduciary accounts, including employee benefit plans.

What is the capability of purchasing FPA Funds overseas for U.S. and non-U.S. citizens?

We do not offer any offshore funds for the overseas market. All of the FPA Funds are registered only in the 50 U.S. states, Puerto Rico and U.S.Virgin Islands. Although we have shareholders who are non-resident aliens, all purchases must be made through a broker-dealer or registered investment adviser in the U.S. who is authorized to sell our Funds.