Firm Values

What Value Investors Value Most


We form our own opinions yet remain open to alternative viewpoints and new information. We seek only your satisfaction, not the approval of the broader investment community. Privately held and independent, we take the time required to perform sound primary research.

That’s why you turn to us.

We find value wherever it may live, even when contrary to general opinion. This means you rely on our judgment, discipline and interest in the absolute, not relative return.

That’s why you come to us.

Our perspective is the result of an unwavering commitment to due diligence, fundamental research, intellectual rigor and hard work. Our business is based on a team with the experience, skill set and intellectual curiosity necessary to interpret and apply the knowledge it gains every day.

That’s why you work with us.

We are investors, not traders. From decades of experience, we know shorter periods of relative underperformance are part of achieving your longer-term goals. Our patient, disciplined approach allows you to succeed over market cycles.

That’s why you invest with us.

We place our capital alongside yours.

To build deep, lasting relationships with our investors and team members, we are committed to frank, open communication and mutual respect.

That’s why you trust us.